Our Contributors

Fabienne Théréau

An independent expert, she first trained at the National School of Fine Arts in St Etienne and then at Paris II Sorbonne. Since 1993 Fabienne has been walking the paths of Antiquities. In the end, those led her in the direction of the ceramics of the XIX Century. Through her universe she tends to make discover the memory of the work of the artists.

Dominique Chaussat

Immersed in an environment of enthusiasts since his youth, he chose to master the techniques to deepen an empirical knowledge by evolving towards a more rational knowledge. He graduated from the Atelier des Métiers d'Arts du Château d'Ô in 1984, and has been a member of the Chambre Nationale des Experts Spécialisés since 1993. The restoration of furniture and objects is a rich teaching, the work of archives and expertise an essential complement for a constant evolution.

Publications: Florence and Dominique Chaussat, Le meuble de Port Rochelais, Éditions Être et connaitre, La Rochelle, 2000

Dominique Chaussat, Approche historique et typologique du mobilier rochelais au XVIIIe siècle (Historical and typological approach to 18th century furniture in La Rochelle), 1999, dissertation produced for the CNES. This document has been deposited in the Departmental Archives of the Charente Maritime.

Dominique Chaussat, La chaire à prêcher de l'église de La Jarne, in l'Objet d'Art, fiche n° 321B , Éditions Faton, February 1998.

Dominique Chaussat, Le coquillier in l'Objet d'Art, fiche n°315B:, Éditions Faton July 1997.