Agnès de Frumerie. Sculptor.


Edmond Lachenal . Publisher

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Agnes de Frumerie was born in Skövde in 1869.

She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and then worked as an artist in Paris for 30 years before returning to Sweden and Västergötland in 1926.

When she died in 1937, she donated a large part of her estate to the Västergötland Museum. The collection is the largest in the museum and contains almost 1000 objects, photos, drawings, paintings, furniture and archives.

Agnès de Frumerie was a versatile artist.

She exhibited bronzes and marble sculptures, but also handcrafted objects such as furniture and ceramics. In the 1890s, she frequented many artists of the Parisian avant-garde, including August Strindberg, whose portrait she painted. She received a diploma of honor and sold her group of sculptures "Poetry and Music" to the French state.

Agnes de Frumerie was an atypical and talented Swedish artist, working in an international environment at a time of change. Today, her pioneering work, especially in the field of art glass, has earned her a place in Swedish art history.