Baule drum.


Monoxyl cylindrical drum cut from an indefinite type of wood.
It is covered with a thick bovine hide. It is stretched with twisted fiber strips, secured by seven large wooden pegs, one of which is missing.

Skin tension is achieved by pressing the pegs in more or less, exerting pressure on the weave and stretching the skin. The rough appearance of the skin and pegs contrasts with the patina of use generally obtained during ritual handling, to which are added the application of vegetable oil, dust and lampblack.

Various ornamental motifs are carved around the rim of the shaft.
The first register consists of a frieze of six heavily engine-turned lines, interspersed with seven different faces. The faces are framed by the rough wooden pegs.
In a lower register, a strong peripheral molding (9), which is found on other objects (stools) and allows the propagation of sound, adorns the base of the drum.
Height 34 cm Diameter 28 cm
Weight : 3 kg

Related works: Collections Musée Barbier Muller, Musée du Quai Branly Ex Collection Helena Rubinstein ( Sale catalog lot N° 43 Sale Parke Bernet NY 21 avril 1966 )

 This drum is presented by Dominique Chaussat. Antiquités Chaussat. Thairé, La Rochelle