Siot Decauville & the "Clair de Lune de l'Argent".


Detail of fountain by Deschamps Frédéric, publisher Siot Decauville

Georges Robenach will nicely name the pewter "Clair de Lune de l'Argent".

Inexpensive metal that melts at low temperatures, appreciated for its malleability and adaptability to Art Nouveau shapes. Pewter would be the material of choice for greater artistic freedom.

Flesh will appear or disappear through relief, bodies will emerge or be drowned in matter.

Siot Decauville introduces a new approach to numbered and signed art objects, using original oxidation techniques.

Pewter, bronze, sometimes silvered or gilded, jugs, carafes, pitchers, jars, gourds, vases, ashtrays, candleholders, inkwells, bowls, candy dishes, card holders, dishes and even pouches are all part of the art of everyday middle-class living.

Read the article in Objet d'Art N°579 June 2021 "Jules Desbois sculpteur moderne".

L'Objet d'Art n° 579 - June 21