The enhancement of your assets.

The activity ofExpert allows, in the case of an inheritance, to estimate the movable assets, to assist the families for a distribution of the goods and also to make the families benefit from privileged contacts during the sale of these last ones. It also allows us to intervene to make an estimation of the goods in order to realize a preliminary expertise for insurances but also to assist the insured during a disaster.

These services require not only a rigorous examination, a methodology, but also the need to place the work in its historical context.

Travel in France and abroad.

Fabienne Théréau is an Independent Expert.

Dominique Chaussat is an Independent Expert and Member of the National Chamber of CNES Specialized Experts since 1993 and CNES Specialized Expert since 1999 .

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Any request, not giving rise to a written report, is free of charge. Nevertheless, an inventory or an expertise requires a physical examination of the objects and works of art. We systematically travel. The cost of transportation will be indicated to you in advance. In addition to this, there is the cost of the expertise or inventory services.

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