Daughter of Thestius, king of Etolia, and of Eurythémis or Glaucus and Leucippe, otherwise known as Laophonte, she was married to Tyndare, king of Sparta. Jupiter, having seen this princess on the banks of the Eurotas, fell in love with her, and begging Venus to change himself into an eagle, he took the form of a swan, pursued by this bird, and sought refuge in the arms of Leda, who after nine months gave birth to two eggs. From one came Pollux and Helen, and from the other Castor and Clytemnestra. The first two were...

La Marseillaise. Rouget de Lisle 1792


History has turned this revolutionary war song into a national anthem of freedom, and today it accompanies most official events. Its author, Claude-Joseph Rouget de Lisle, born 1760 in Lons-le-Saunier, was an engineer captain during the Revolution. On the night of April 25 to 26, 1792, following France's declaration of war on the Austrian emperor, he composed a piece at the home of the mayor of Strasbourg, named Dietrich, which he entitled "Chant de guerre pour l'armée du Rhin" ("War hymn for the army of the Rhine"). Bibliothèque Nationale The hymn was first broadcast in...

The republic of 1848.


After fifty years of authoritarian rule, the constitutional monarchy collapsed in the spring of 1848. The great principles of the French Revolution - Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité - ignited the whole of Europe. Proclamation of the Republic on May 4, 1848, watercolor lithograph by V. Adam and J. Arnout For three years, the Second Republic re-established democracy in France. But the Republic's opponents soon overtook its divided supporters. The trial of a presidential regime, devoid of checks and balances, and the election of a new president,...

Siot Decauville & the "Clair de Lune de l'Argent".


Detail of a fountain by Deschamps Frédéric, publisher Siot Decauville Georges Robenach jokingly called pewter "Clair de Lune de l'Argent". An inexpensive metal that melts at low temperatures, it is appreciated for its malleability, allowing it to adapt to Art Nouveau shapes. Pewter will be the material of greater artistic freedom. Flesh will appear or disappear in relief, bodies will emerge or be submerged in the material. Siot Decauville introduces a new approach to the numbered and signed art object, using original oxidation techniques. Pewter, bronze, sometimes silvered or gilded, jugs...

Salammbô by Lanson. Rapport primitif de l'Institut sur les envois de Rome 1880, sculpture


Source: Rapport primitif de l'Institut sur les envois de 1880, sculptureTYPE : rapport de l'Institut de France - primitifAUTEUR : AnonymePAGE DE TITRE : Rapport sur les envois de Rome. Section de sculptureLIEU DE REDACTION : ParisDATE : 1880 source : Institut national d'histoire de l'art (France) - licence : Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) Base de données Les Envois de Rome en peinture et sculpture, 1804-1914 Commentaire interne Base Envois de Rome FMP, fichier Documents.fp7, notice : £Rapport envois, primitif, 1880, sculpture£ Notice créé le 29/08/2002. Notice modified...

Gustave Flaubert & the genesis of Salammbô.


Alfred Désiré Lanson (1851-1938) Salammbô . Bronze Edition Barbedienne. Objets d Histoires When Gustave Flaubert began writing Salammbô in 1857, he had just been acquitted in the trial that accused him of "offending public decency" following the publication of Madame Bovary. Disgusted, he embarked on a new literary project. The writer confided to his friend Jules Michelet: "I'm going to write a novel set three centuries before Christ, because I feel the need to get away from the modern world, in which my pen has become too wet and which, moreover, tires me?

Jules Brateau. Catalog


Buire arts and his umbilical dish. Photograph by Musée des Arts Décoratifs. Paris History: The "Les Arts" ewer and tray was originally designed between 1887 and 1889 by Jules Brateau. The set became one of the highlights of the 1889 World's Fair and was reissued during the artist's lifetime. Reissue numbers should be inscribed on the mound of the sculpture's muse. Countermarks: The gibbet* countermark is used in all editions during the artist's lifetime, as well as in the...

Baule drum.


Monoxyl cylindrical drum cut from an indefinite type of wood. It is covered with a thick bovine hide. It is stretched by twisted fiber strips, secured by seven large wooden pegs, one of which is missing. The tension of the hide is obtained by pushing the pegs in more or less, thus exerting pressure on the weave and stretching the hide. The rough appearance of the skin and pegs contrasts with the patina of use generally obtained during ritual handling, to which are added the application of vegetable oil, dust and black...

Agnès de Frumerie. Sculptor.


Edmond Lachenal . Publisher Agnes de Frumerie was born in Skövde in 1869. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and then worked as an artist in Paris for 30 years before returning to Sweden and Västergötland in 1926. When she died in 1937, she donated a large part of her estate to the Västergötland Museum. The collection is the largest in the museum and contains nearly 1000 objects, photos, drawings, paintings, furniture and archives. Agnes de Frumerie was a versatile artist. She has...

POITEVIN Georges Emile .


Vase (Porcelain of Paris) Details of decorations with the small fire carried out by Georges Poitevin in a gilded bronze luminary of style Louis XVI certainly assembled by Sansom. Circa 1880 Poitevin Georges Émile. Born in Paris 1874- Exhibition of the central union of the fine arts applied to the industry. The lesson of music after Netscher 1876- (exhibition) On porcelain Flemish after David Téniers 1877- (exhibition) On Porcelain after David Téniers " The temptation. Of Saint Anthony". 1878- (salon) On Porcelain after Subleyras " The madeleine at the feet of Jesus at Simon the Pharisee ". 1879- (salon) On porcelain after Subleyras "The...



the General Inventory of Cultural Heritage, formerly called the General Inventory of Monuments and Artistic Treasures of France

Amiens Megacité. 18° Antique & Fine Dealers Show


We will be present at the show to welcome you at the Experts stand. Dominique Chaussat expert The 18th edition of the Amiens Antiques and Fine Art Fair, will be held this year from 03 to 05 February 2023 at Mégacité. Recognized by enthusiasts, it attracts more than 4,000 visitors in search of the piece that will sublimate their interior. Amateurs, collectors and investors meet at this event, which has become a must in the Hauts-de-France region.

Amiens. Exhibition-Event "The return of the mummy and the coffins".


"Acquired in 1839 by the Société des antiquaires de Picardie and the city of Amiens, this "mummy and its chests" were to be a strong asset for the future museum. Time has passed, but the Amiens mummy remains a must-see. Unfortunately, the weight of years and work have led to the soiling and fragility of this ensemble that absolutely must be restored. From the scientific imaging file (UV, infrared and X-rays) to the restoration itself through chemical analysis, all operations take place in the premises of the Center for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France (C2RMF),...

Woodworking. The Cypress.


Cypress. Cupressus Sempervirens (Cupresaceae) Currently it sometimes replaces the yew for furniture called rustic where we draw a decorative effect of veneers figured bramble, marbled through the presence of many nodes.

Rescue of a Regency chest of drawers veneered with rosewood.


Atelier Dominique Chaussat. End of November 2022 Provenance: Private Collection.

The Cabinet of Clément Lafaille. Restoration campaign 2006-2007. Workshop Dominique Chaussat.


Naturalist scientist of the Age of Enlightenment. Teacher's file. Museum La Rochelle. Clic: This booklet of 22 allows to better approach the creation, the iconography history but also the restoration of the Cabinet Lafaille carried out by the Workshop Dominique Chaussat in 2006-2007. During the renovation at the beginning of the 21st century, Dominique Chaussat was able to reconstruct some of the modifications made over time. Very little worn, the legs of the tables and chairs attest that they were used for very little...

December 2022. Dominique Chaussat workshop. Museum of Natural History of La Rochelle.


Over the years, many alterations have formed in the structure of the Cabinet Clément Lafaille . The team of Restoration Ebénisterie Atelier Dominique Chaussat intervened in order to restore the luster of yesteryear to this cabinet of curiosities of the naturalist Clément Lafaille in the transitional style, Louis XVI. 

Beginning of December 2022. Dominique Chaussat workshop. Museum of Natural History of La Rochelle.


Preparation of the collections by the team of the Museum of Natural History of La Rochelle before the restoration of one of the Zoology Rooms . @Photography Museum of Natural History La Rochelle. Snow leopard Unica. Schreber 1775

Our contributors: Dominique Chaussat


Restorer of antique furniture. Antique dealer. CNES expert. Son of an antique dealer, descendant of a family settled near La Rochelle since the XVIIth century and impregnated with the passion of the XVIIIth furniture, I made my weapons with a restorer of old furniture, then followed a formation in the school of the castle of O, school specialized in the restoration of the XVIIIth furniture. I settled in 1984 as restorer of old furniture. Respectful of the traditional methods, I developed my activity by working for private individuals, on several cities of the hexagon, but also with the museums of...

Great Memorial.

15/12/2022 Site vraiment très intéressant… touchant, où les registres numérisés permettent de découvrir un peu plus des chemins de vie en retraçant une partie de l’histoire de certains de nos aïeux, ou d’artistes. « Inauguré le 11 novembre 2014, le Grand Mémorial permet d’interroger les données d’indexation de 94 services partenaires, qui ont fourni l’accès à leurs bases ; parmi eux, 91 services d’Archives départementales et 3 services nationaux. Le Grand Mémorial offre ainsi un point d’entrée unique à plus de 8,1 millions de matricules de soldats des classes combattantes de…

The charter of 825 of the abbey of Corbie .


For those who did not attend the Study Day of December 9, 22 in Corbie It is interesting to know that "the oldest document preserved in the Archives of the Somme, dated 825, the original charter, granted by Emperor Louis the Pious (son of Charlemagne) and his eldest son Lothaire in favor of the Abbey of Corbie for a confirmation of privileges is of exceptional historical interest. Very few manuscript charters prior to 1100 have been preserved to this day. Less than ten manuscripts of the ninth century have been preserved...

List of all the "Musées De France


(in application of the provisions of article 18-II of the law n° 2002-5 of January 4, 2002. Museum of France": a building, collections accessible to the public, a team of professionals, a guarantee of quality. France has just over 1,200 institutions that have received this designation. Spread over the whole of the national territory, the museums of France are of a great variety. In order to prepare your visits: Museofile is the official directory of museums in France. The data are accessible on POP, the open platform of the French Ministry of Culture...

Table Roger Capron. Vallauris


Original frame . Dimensions Circa : Height 29 cm . Width 43,5 cm Length 92,5 cm.

Marquetry of Nice


Before Nice became part of France in 1860, wealthy winter residents chose the city for its temperate climate. The rise of a wealthy tourist industry, in search of quality "souvenirs", contributed to the constant development of production techniques in order to create objects and small pieces of furniture of an astonishing quality. 

Pierre Chapo ( 1927-1987). B40


Low Chest of Drawers In Solid Elm opening in front by a door and three drawers. Element used on the desks B40. 58,5 cm height; 125,5 cm width; 57 cm depth

Craft furniture. Store counter. About 1880


The walnut top is supported on the front and sides by a large concave molding. The molding rests on crossbars that frame six flat-banded panels mounted between molded crosspieces. The whole rests on an equally large molded plinth. At the back, a niche with a shelf is framed by two doors and two drawers. Height 85,5 cm Width 274,5 cm Depth 74 cm

Base Art


Realization of all types of supports, relieving and hanging. Bases to measure. Wood & metal. For private collection or museum. Workshop Dominique Chaussat.

Preparation. Salon of La Rochelle.


From November 11 to 13, 2022.

VIDEO.Introduction to Art Nouveau glassware: Gallé, Daum by Jean-François Bourriaud. The CNES Experts.


Metthey exhibition at the MUDO


The quest for fire and color. The retrospective on the work of André Metthey at the MUDO Musée de l'Oise has just ended. It comes 100 years after the one at the Musée Galliera and for those who missed the more intimate exhibition at the Annonciande - Musée de Saint Tropez in 2002. The work of Metthey & La céramique Fauve catch us by so much subtlety, colors but also by a definitely contemporary spirit. The first and second room mainly grouped the works of Metthey in a chronological course ....

Antiques fair of La Rochelle.


Unearth unexpected treasures in a new dynamic

Ferdinand Faivre & Edmond Lachenal ( 1855-1948).


This model of inkwell with naiad was presented at the Salon de la Société des Beaux-Arts in 1899.